Value-Added Services

Nebraska Total Care covers all of the medical services that are included in the Heritage Health plan. In addition to those, we offer some additional services to help members be well. These are called Value-Added Services.

Some of these services are available to all Nebraska Total Care members. Others are offered to members that meet certain health criteria. Listed below are some of the additional services that we offer.

These adult immunizations are covered every year:

  • Pneumonia
  • Flu
  • Shingles
  • Meningitis

An annual membership for the Boys & Girls Club can be covered for all age-appropriate members.

Electronic breast pumps can be provided to new mothers on the Nebraska Total Care plan.  The details of this benefit can be seen here

The Client Assistance Program (CAP sessions) covers up to five outpatient therapy sessions annually without an Initial Diagnostic Interview. Members can contact providers directly to receive services. 

CentAccount Healthy Rewards gives Nebraska Total Care members rewards for completing healthy behaviors.  

You will be sent a CentAccount card. Cash rewards will be added to the card when you complete qualifying health behaviors. The card then be used like a debit card at Family Dollar, Dollar General, CVS, and Walmart. The behaviors and reward amounts can be seen here.

Nebraska Total Care offers GED testing materials. Contact Member Services for additional information. 

New parents whose infant has been admitted to the NICU receive additional supplies and supports from Nebraska Total Care. Services are delivered by Community Health Workers. 

Nebraska Total Care has waived all co-pays on pharmacy services for our members. Drugs are covered at 100%.

Over the counter drugs are covered up to $30 per household each quarter and require a prescription from your doctor. Show your Nebraska Total Care member ID card at your pharmacy when purchasing OTC medication.

There are other medications and personal care items you can receive by mail.  These items are listed on the Over-the-Counter Mail-Order Program Description

  • Members can receive $30 worth of these items each quarter. 
  • Members are only allowed one order per quarter. The quarters are:
    • January, February, and March
    • April, May, and June
    • July, August, and September
    • October, November and December
  •     Remaining balances are not carried over.
  •     Medication and products cannot be returned.
  •     Items may only be ordered for the member.

To order these items, call 1-866-768-8490.  

Nebraska Total Care can arrange for an electronic monitoring system for adults who meet certain criteria.  Adults must have a serious impairment. And, they must live alone or be alone much of the day.  

In an emergency, the person can press a call button to ask for help.  The system will ensure that the appropriate person or service agency responds to the call.  

Call Member Services if you would like information about this program.  

Members who have had an inpatient psychiatric admission should see a behavioral health provider within seven days following their discharge.  Adults can receive a gift card and children can receive a teddy bear for attending this follow up appointment.

Nebraska Total Care covers required sports physicals for members ages 4-18. Contact the youth’s PCP to receive services. 

Nebraska Total Care provides eligible members vouchers for online Weight Watchers participation. You can go to your local meeting. We can’t provide transportation to meetings.

To be eligible, members need to be:

  • At least twelve years old
  • For children ages 12-16 have a BMI of 25 or higher
  • For members age 17 and older have a BMI of 30 or higher

To get the Weight Watchers vouchers your doctor needs to confirm your BMI. They need to have checked you within the last month. The doctors office can call or fax us with your information.

Extensions can be approved if you decrease your BMI by 1 point. Go to your doctor and get a note showing the decrease in your BMI. You will also have to be involved with our Care Management team. To talk to Care Management staff call Member Services. The number is 1-844-385-2192, TTY: 1-844-307-0342, Relay 711. Choose the option to talk to Care Management.

Doctor’s notes can be mailed or faxed to us. Mail to:

Nebraska Total Care
ATTENTION: Care Management
2525 N. 117th Avenue, Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68164

The fax number is: 1-844-340-4888.

When you meet these requirements  we will send you another set of vouchers. We will stop giving extensions when your BMI makes you not eligible for the program. If you stop participating in Care Management we won’t give more extensions. 

Nebraska Total Care will pay for one 3 month membership for all of our members.

To get an extension of the YMCA membership you must be involved in Care Management. If you want an extension please call us. The number is 1-844-385-2192, TTY: 1-844-307-0342, Relay 711. Choose the option to talk to Care Management.

If you stop participating in Care Management we won’t give more extensions.

YMCAs are not required to participate in this program. Contact your local YMCA to ask if they participate.