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Complex Care Pharmacy Programs

Nebraska Total Care members with complex care needs have access to Complex Care Pharmacy Programs to help with their medications.

Heritage Health - Nebraska Total Care 


In May 2021, Nebraska Total Care Implemented the Community Pharmacies Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) chaptered organization, Nebraska Enhanced Service Pharmacies (NESP) Complex Care Program. NESP is a quality improvement clinically integrated network of 61 independent Nebraska pharmacies focused on developing and implementing enhanced patient care services. Each member receives a comprehensive 10-step medication review, monthly home delivery of medications in adherence packaging at no cost to member, and ongoing refill management services including medication refill synchronization and monthly medication reconciliation to ensure adherence. Comprehensive Medication Reviews will also be completed for eligible Nebraska Total Care members utilizing the Outcomes MTM platform. Local pharmacy engagement allows members who choose the option of continued routine face-to-face interactions with their clinical pharmacist and demonstrates the appreciation of local collaborative relationships with NE plan-pharmacy-provider partnerships.

Local community NESP pharmacists provide monthly home delivery of medications in adherence packaging, in depth counseling, and patient centered care.      

  • Complete medication review by local NESP pharmacist
  • NESP pharmacist calls your doctor to discuss problems with your medications
  • Monthly management of refills and medication packaging to help members know what medications to take and when to take them

Local NESP pharmacist(s) will notify eligible complex members they are eligible for the program, provide an introductory letter, and offer the opportunity to sign up for the opt-in program. A member specific care plan will be developed by the local NESP pharmacist following a review of current medications.

If a member you serve may benefit from NESP complex care pharmacy program, please refer the member to one of the pharmacies on the NESP interactive map, which includes pharmacy name and NESP pharmacist contact information.