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Nebraska Total Care

Transforming the Health of our Community, One Person at a Time

Introducing Nebraska Total Care - your partner for success

Established to deliver quality healthcare in the state of Nebraska through local, regional and community-based resources, Nebraska Total Care is a Managed Care Organization and subsidiary of Centene Corporation (Centene). Nebraska Total Care exists to improve the health of its beneficiaries through focused, compassionate and coordinated care. Our approach is based on the core belief that quality healthcare is best delivered locally.

How to Reach Us
If you are a Heritage Health member and have questions about Nebraska Total Care, you can reach Member Services at 1-844-385-2192, TTY: 1-844-307-0342, Relay 711.

Lynkyn's Story

Lynkyn’s story is about her difficult start at life, coming into this world at 25 6/7 weeks gestation and weighing less than 2 lbs at birth. As told through her mom and dad, Lynkyn suffered extreme prematurity and was delayed on hitting several growth milestones. She spent over 100 days in the NICU. Mom, Amanda, had three previous pregnancies that she carried to full- or beyond-term dates so Lynkyn’s early arrival came as a complete shock to the family. Amanda credits Nebraska Total Care’s case manager for providing education and support throughout their journey.