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Testimonial Videos

Vision for Flood Victims

Many people who evacuated their homes during the 2019 Nebraska flooding only had a few minutes to gather up their belongings. To respond to flood victims who may have needed replacement glasses, Nebraska Total Care brought the Envolve Vision Van to Fremont and Bellevue. Anyone in need could visit the Vision Van for an eye exam and a free pair of glasses.

Dineshee's Story

At 26 weeks gestation, Dineshee’s baby girl was diagnosed in utero with Turner’s Syndrome. This rare genetic disorder affects growth and development in females. Nebraska Total Care worked consistently with Dineshee, providing support and education as she prepared for the birth. An Obstetric Care Manager ensured that the she understood Turner’s Syndrome and the extra care her daughter, Brooklyn, would need long term.

Leon's Story

As a lifelong professional driver, Leon was always on the go. Loading and unloading. Back and forth. Always handling freight with special care. When diabetes took his right leg it brought him to a halt. That’s when Care Managers from Nebraska Total Care stepped in to assist with daily wound care and a touch of love.

Rhonda's Story

Rhonda chose to switch to Nebraska Total Care in January 2018 from another Managed Care Organization because she wanted to take control of her health. She now participates in exercise classes at her local YMCA, thanks to Nebraska Total Care's YMCA benefit. She is also actively engaged with her Care Manager at Nebraska Total Care. She credits the support she receives from both places with helping her achieve her weight loss goals.

Paul's Story

Paul’s parents chose Nebraska Total Care for their son in 2017. Paul relies on medical equipment that requires electricity. When a power outage hit their town during a blizzard, his Care Manager at Nebraska Total Care helped make sure he would not lose access to his life-saving medical devices. 

Lynkyn's Story

Lynkyn weighed less than two pounds when she was born at 26 weeks. Her parents, Amanda and Jeremy, were scared, wondering if she would survive. Amanda had chosen Nebraska Total Care because of the services that it offers to pregnant members, including Care Management. Her Care Manager is a nurse with pregnancy and post-partum expertise, and was able to support her throughout their journey and to celebrate with her the milestones that her baby was reaching.

Joy's Story

When Joy was diagnosed with heart failure, she was scared. She called her health plan, Nebraska Total Care. Her Care Manager helped her to understand her diagnosis and to get involved with Weight Watchers and the YMCA. Joy has lost 56 pounds, and her goal is to lose 150. She is breathing better and experiencing a better quality of life.

Jayne's Story

Jayne is diabetic. A year ago, her blood sugar was too high, she was lethargic, could not think or walk, and started to feel depressed. As a member of Nebraska Total Care, she decided to participate in the Care Management program. She knows that she can call her Care Manager with any questions that she has, and she feels that he is compassionate and really cares about her. Now Jayne’s diabetes is under control and she feels much better, both physically and mentally.

Dusty's Story

Dusty had experienced frequent hospitalizations before joining Nebraska Total Care. After a hospitalization last year, her Care Manager called her as soon as she was released and began helping her make a plan to stay stable. He helped her to get a cell phone, and he is a person she can reach out to in times when she needs help managing her symptoms. She has strengthened her rational thinking skills, which she has used to cope and avoid readmission.