Testimonial Videos

Lynkyn's Story

Lynkyn’s story is about her difficult start at life, coming into this world at 25 6/7 weeks gestation and weighing less than 2 lbs at birth. As told through her mom and dad, Lynkyn suffered extreme prematurity and was delayed on hitting several growth milestones. She spent over 100 days in the NICU. Mom, Amanda, had three previous pregnancies that she carried to full- or beyond-term dates so Lynkyn’s early arrival came as a complete shock to the family. Amanda credits Nebraska Total Care’s case manager for providing education and support throughout their journey.

Joy's Story

Joy’s story is about her motivation to lose weight, which she largely attributes to Nebraska Total Care. She speaks about the close relationship she’s developed with her case manager and how she’s taken advantage of the value-added benefits (Weight Watchers and YMCA memberships) that Nebraska Total Care provides to her. As someone who was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, Joy was fearful about her quality of life and how many years she has left to live. Her case manager has given her hope that she can take steps to control her life.

Jayne's Story

Jayne’s story is about the trust she’s built with her case manager, Ted. Jayne has credited Ted for helping her improve her quality of life. She is now in a group home where she feels supported. She is going to the doctor and staying better on top of her health.

Dusty's Story

Dusty’s story is about her goal to stay out of the hospital. She talks about her past behaviors of seeking out medical care as a way to escape reality. Having also developed a close relationship with her case manager over the past year, she now knows she has someone she can call (on her cell phone provided by Nebraska Total Care) when she needs to practice her coping strategies. She takes pride in her ability to use her CentAccount card to buy items needed for personal care and hygiene. She realizes and is grateful for the fact that her life is much better today than it was before she joined Nebraska Total Care.