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Pregnancy Support

Notification of Pregnancy Provider Incentive 

In an effort to increase member Notice of Pregnancy (NOP) communication and reduce the recurrence of preterm births, Nebraska Total Care is launching two Provider Incentive Programs effective May 1, 2018. Please review the incentive guidelines outlined below:

Incentive Program A: Notification of Pregnancy (NOP) Submission

  • Incentive limited to Providers within the Nebraska Total Care Network.
  • Incentives are based on timely submission of the Nebraska Total Care Notification of Pregnancy Form (NOP) as outlined below:
    • 1ST Trimester (0-14 weeks gestation): $100 incentive
    • 2ND Trimester (15-28 weeks gestation): $50 incentive
    • 3RD Trimester (29+ weeks gestation): $25 incentive
    • The NOP form (PDF) is located on the Nebraska Total Care Provider Portal and Nebraska Total Care Provider Website.
    • Submitted forms must be accurate and complete, i.e., member name, date of birth, member ID, full name of provider, gestation, initial OB visit date and Provider’s Tax ID Number (TIN).
    • Duplicate NOP forms will not qualify for multiple incentives.
    • Obstetrical Needs Assessment Form (ONAF) located on the MLTC website is not an awarded incentive through this program.

Incentive Program B: 17P Initiation and Delivery Outcomes

  • Incentive limited to Providers within the Nebraska Total Care Provider Network.
  • A $200 incentive will be paid to Provider compliant with all criteria outlined below for each qualifying member:
    • Accurate and timely NOP Form submission through the Nebraska Total Care Provider Portal.
    • Clinical indicated 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate (17P) effectively initiated between sixteen (16) and twenty-seven (27) weeks gestation.
    • Member is administered a minimum of five (5) weekly 17P doses consecutively.
    • Member delivers at 35 weeks gestation or greater.

Program Monitoring and Payments

  • Nebraska Total Care will closely monitor program compliance.
  • Incentives will be paid quarterly.