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Medicaid Plan

Why Nebraska Total Care?

At Nebraska Total Care, we understand how important you and your family's healthcare needs are. It's important to us too. We are here to support your health needs and make that part of your day easier. Nebraska Total Care is your partner and advocate.

How to Reach Us
If you are a Medicaid member and have questions about Nebraska Total Care, you can reach Member Services at 1-844-385-2192 (TTY 711).

What is Heritage Health?

Heritage Health and Nebraska Total Care

Heritage Health is a new healthcare delivery system that combines Nebraska’s current physical health, behavioral health, and pharmacy programs into a single comprehensive and coordinated system for Nebraska’s Medicaid and CHIP clients. 

For Heritage Health enrollment information, please call 1-888-255-2605, or visit the Heritage Health website.

Enroll Now

Nebraska Total Care offers the services you and your family want and need. Our services include:

  • Primary Care Visits
  • Immunizations
  • Family Planning
  • Pregnancy Services
  • Hospital Services
  • Home Healthcare
  • Emergent/Urgent Care
  • Wellness and Healthy Rewards Programs
  • Prescriptions
  • Over-The-Counter Drugs/Supplies
  • Care and Disease Management Services
  • Behavioral Health and Substance Use Services and Programs
  • Hearing and Vision Services