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ExactCare Pharmacy

Nebraska Total Care members with complex care needs have access to ExactCare Pharmacy to help with their medications.

How it Works

ExactCare makes it easier to manage medications by prepackage medications and providing free delivery every month.

  • ExactCare packages medications by day and time. This helps members know what medications to take and when to take them.
  • ExactCare works with a providers to handle prescription refills and avoid misses doses.
  • ExactCare reviews the member’s medications every month, and discusses them with the providers if there are potential risks.

Eligible complex care members receive an introductory letter and follow up call from ExactCare to arrange an initial assessment either in person or by phone. In that assessment, they review the current medications and explain how they can help manage their complex medication regimen.

If a member you serve may benefit from ExactCare Care Management would be happy to help with the referral process. You or the member can call 1-844-385-2192 (Relay 711) and choose the Care Management option.